Studio Rizoma: our Hub in Palermo

Fondazione Studio Rizoma is an international hub advancing an independent cultural and social program while serving the wider development of its surrounding ecosystem, with a focus on the city of Palermo. Here you can read their self-description.

The artist Leila Bencharnia is playing at DJdesks in the nighttime and holds a scarve in her hands

Musical performance by Leila Bencharnia, 2021 © Studio Rizoma

Allianz Foundation Hubs are regional platforms from civil society, climate action and arts & culture. They form a European network working on solutions for the pressing societal questions of our times. To meet these challenges, new ways of exchange and cooperation are needed. And a shared vision.

What is your mission?

“Studio Rizoma operates from Sicily which is centre and periphery at once, in the middle of the Mediterranean and on the fringes of Europe. We are a transnational hub that tries to connect these histories and futures through a cultural and political program that involves artists, activists, thinkers and researchers from all over the globe.”

What are your projects?

“We have united our varied skill sets to construct a production platform allowing us to support local and international artists in realizing their projects and creating an original cultural program. This enlarges the local institutional infrastructure and creates a future-oriented discourse and experimental network regarding politics, the environment and culture in Sicily as a reference point for the world.”

A Picture of a roll up with the inscription "European Pavilion" is pictured. In the background a person is speeking.

The European Pavilon at the Between Land and Sea Festival 2021 © Studio Rizoma

two people are dancing so fast, that on the picture just fragments of the dancing persons are recognizable

Dance performance “TRIO. For the Beauty of it”, 2021 © Studio Rizoma

People are sitting in a room and are talking to each other

Panel discussion at the Between Land and Sea Festival © Studio Rizoma

Who are the people of Rizoma and with whom do you work?

“We are a social and political collective with different professional backgrounds ranging from writers, curators, and political campaigners to producers and theatre makers. Following various interests, we collaborate with local and international actors–artists, thinkers, cultural institutions, activists, and civil society organizations–to create joint programs.”

Which expectations do you have towards the collaboration with the Allianz Foundation Hubs network?

“Exciting transnational cooperation projects that allow all of us to strengthen and, at the same time, question our positions to develop new ways of shaping a cultural and political dialogue!”