Eine Kreatur steht neben einer Person in weißer Kleidung. Die Person schaut die Kreatur an und lächelt. Sie stehen in einer Art Steppe.

Abandon your autocrat.

For open societies. For generations.

Open, resilient societies thrive where people stand up for them with confidence and conviction. This is why the Allianz Foundation supports people and organizations from Europe and the Mediterranean in securing or creating spaces for free development. We support risktakers from civil society, from the arts and culture sector, and from local communities who fight for artistic freedom, freedom of expression, civil rights, fact-based journalism, or marginalized groups – and offer an example of solidarity in action.

In many places the possibilities for these thought leaders to act are currently being restricted. Growing economic, political and social rifts within societies and between states undermine cohesion in Europe. Increasing divisions threaten the European value system. The open society model is also increasingly under pressure from external actors. The challenges of our times – climate change, flight, migration, increasing nationalism and authoritarianism – require cross-border alliances and cooperation more than ever.

The Allianz Foundation is working together with like-minded actors to strengthen the diversity and solidarity of our societies – in the here and now, and for the coming generations.

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From words to actions: Launch of the "Vereint für Demokratie" fund

Laptop and microphone in front of a chair

Reframing climate justice: A BIPOC-led speaker series

A group of people is sitting together in a circle and is talking

ECCHR: 15-year-anniversary symposium

The site of the Hub pictured from above with many people standing in the courtyard

Recyclart: our Hub in Brussels

A portrait of Jasemin Seven

Jasemin Seven reflects on: Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023

A person is sitting in a big white hall. She seems to wait for something.

Out now: Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023

Aleksandra Łoboda is sitting on a street, her mouth taped with gaffa and around her and two colleagues there is barbed wire. She is holding a sign that is saying: The border of Decency

Aleksandra Łoboda reflects on: Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023

Portrait of Magid Magid

Magid Magid reflects on: Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023

Meet the Allianz Foundation Fellows 2023-2024

Younes Al-Amayra is smiling into the camera

Younes Al-Amayra in conversation: “We created true identification figures”

Ein grafisch gestaltetes Porträt von Harald Welzer auf schwarzem Hintergrund mit dem Logo des Rats für Digitale Ökologie

Council for Digital Ecology

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Beyond Equality Gathering: “Hoping for another future!”

A video still of lights which are long exposed and look like stripes of light

Performing Exiles Festival: Berlin as the Capital of the Exiled

A person is hoding a selmade protest slogan on which "For Future" is written.

European Future Labs Explore Paths Towards More Active Citizenship

Smart Prisons Logo

Disruption Network Lab: How AI promotes discrimination against migrants

A women is sitting at a piano and is playing it. Around her it's pitch black.

For all Islanders: The Chios Music Festival

People sitting around a table and are talking to each other and laughing.

Mediendienst Integration Conference: 'Pointing out facts is Treason'

A psychedelic x-ray picture of a moth or butterfly sitting on a plant

Outernational: EXT INC / REMEMBER ME

Kata Csato is sitting in fron of a white house on a bench and is looking into the camera. She is petting a big brown dog.

The Risktakers Part Three: Kata Csató and the FreeSZFE Society

Four women are sitting in a park on a blanket and are watching and learning while one of them is showing them how to spin.

Four months in Tarabya

Makan Fofana

Our new fellow Makan Fofana: the mastermind of Turfurism

Camila Nobrega is sitting in a room and looks up to the sky through a window in the roof.

The Risktakers Part Two: Camila Nobrega

Sonia and Douglas are standing in front of a clourful painted wall and holding to each other. They smile

The Risktakers Part One: Sonia, Doug and the REFOCUS students

Research Out Now: Allianz Foundation Risktaker Pulse

Four blowers, members of the Dresdner Sinfoniker are standing on the roof o a tower-builidng and are playing their instruments. They are secures with climbing gear and the sun goes down in the background

The Europasinfonie: A Concert for a Continent

A terrace in the nightime in Istanbul is bustling. In the back you see Istanbuls houses

Postane: our Hub in Istanbul