Eine Person mit Engelsflügeln in Regenbogenfarben geht eine Straße entlang. Die Person ist von hinten zu sehen und dreht ihren Kopf leicht zur Seite.

Make the sky the limit.

For empowered people. For generations.

The Allianz Foundation aims to counteract any kind of social discrimination. We actively support cultural and social participation in order to achieve equal opportunities for everyone in Europe. 

Societies can only truly flourish where values such as openness and diversity are defended. We advocate for those affected by structural discrimination – or whose commitment to human rights and free spaces is hampered.

This includes risktakers from civil society, from arts and culture, or from local communities. Activists for climate justice or LGBTQ+ rights. People or organizations in civil society that work against fundamental disadvantages and often go beyond conventional paradigms to find effective solutions for social justice.

Countless people and demographic groups in Europe are exposed to exclusion – due to their gender, sexual orientation, origins, religion, age, their socio-economic situation, or due to a mental or physical disability. They are often denied participation and opportunities for influence in relevant areas of societies. This applies all the more to people who, fleeing violence and hardship, seek protection and refuge in Europe.

Together with its partners, the Allianz Foundation is working to creating societal access in places where inequality is rampant. 

We want for future generations to be able to live in societies where everyone is given a chance.

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