Culture of Solidarity Fund: Empowering Democratic Resilience in Europe

The European Parliament elections 2024 represent a crucial test for democracy and international cooperation. This year, the Culture of Solidarity Fund, co-financed by the European Cultural Foundation, Allianz Foundation, Evens Foundation, and partners, is actively supporting initiatives aimed at mobilizing voters and strengthening democracy.

May 6, 2024

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Culture of Solidarity Fund

Launched by the European Cultural Foundation in 2020, the Culture of Solidarity Fund serves as a rapid response mechanism, providing flexible co-financing to urgent European initiatives. With contributions from over 20 philanthropic and public partners, the Fund addresses the increasing strain on solidarity among European citizens, local communities, and governments, exacerbated by internal societal tensions and escalating global conflicts. From the first edition onwards, it offers public stakeholders and foundations the opportunity to connect local/national action with European purpose by inviting them to join the fund. The 11th edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund supports European transnational initiatives that mobilise voters for the 2024 European Parliament elections.

Mobilizing Voters

In 2024, more than 40% of the world's population is gearing up for the elections of new parliaments and leaders. This pivotal event not only brings about changes in the geopolitical landscape but also presents a crucial test for European democracies and the culture of open, transnational public discourse. 

Amidst this backdrop, in the 11th edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund, the European Cultural Foundation, Allianz Foundation, Evens Foundation, and partners are actively supporting European transnational initiatives aimed at mobilizing voters for the European Parliament elections.

Extremism and populism pose direct challenges to European integration, highlighting the importance of a united effort by democratic forces to advocate for a democratic European future. Promoting a culture of solidarity among Europeans is crucial in countering polarization and addressing feelings of disenfranchisement. The rise of cultural sentiments favoring exclusion and polarization threatens core values such as diversity, peaceful collaboration, and consensus-building through democratic discourse. The outcomes of the forthcoming elections will determine whether European societies possess the resilience to uphold and reinforce a culture of solidarity or succumb to divisive forces and violent confrontation. 

Fostering European Solidarity

In it's current edition the Culture of Solidarity Fund has identified a number of initiatives across Europe with a proven track record in promoting democratic inclusion and public engagement at various levels. While these initiatives have intensified their efforts in preparation for the European elections, they require additional support to maximize their impact.

As of March 2024, the Democracy Resilience Edition of the Culture of Solidarity Fund has already provided initial booster grants and rapid response donations to initiatives spanning Europe. These grants aim to raise the public profile of these initiatives as European democracies and social cohesion face mounting threats. The Fund will continue to co-finance selected solidarity initiatives and cultural democracy campaigns until the European Parliament elections, and potentially beyond, underscoring the urgent need for additional foundations to join in European solidarity efforts.


Overview of the funded projects


Fine Acts

Fine Acts, through its "Europa Canvas" initiative, is set to unveil a curated collection of 27 visual artworks by artists representing each EU member state. This endeavor aims to bolster voter turnout across Europe, particularly in anticipation of the forthcoming European Elections. The project will kick off with a diverse selection of artworks, with plans for expansion into a comprehensive activation tool. By amassing a portfolio of high-quality, open-licensed visual pieces, the campaign facilitates free, non-commercial dissemination and adaptation of these artworks. All creations will be openly licensed, empowering individuals to utilize them in spreading the message of European unity, citizen engagement, and the significance of voting.

Logo of Fine Acts

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A group of people holding up signs in front of a sign saying "Wschód"

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Fundacja Inicjatywa Wschód

Wschód, spearheaded by Fundacja Inicjatywa Wschód, is dedicated to countering far-right movements in Poland and across Europe. Their mission hinges on mobilizing women and marginalized communities to vote. With a keen focus on the European Parliament elections, their strategic approach encompasses leveraging social media platforms, organizing gatherings, and executing targeted actions. The project focuses on empowering women, youth, and progressive voters to advocate for fundamental rights and foster a compassionate society. Using a mix of social media, traditional channels, and past successes, it anticipates significant influence. Additionally, the project plans to grow its feminist taskforce, reach new areas, and build lasting networks to ensure sustained impact.

" - Entering the European Parliament" is a project designed to bridge the gap between Poland and the EU, with the primary objective of familiarizing young citizens with EU governance and its tangible impact on daily life. Recognizing the pivotal role of mobilizing young voters for the upcoming elections, the project emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about the European community. Operating across multiple platforms including TikTok and the organization's website, aims to provide fact-based content devoid of opinions. Through accessible language free from legal and political jargon, the project seeks to elucidate the inner workings of democratic institutions, ensuring comprehension among individuals unfamiliar with such concepts.

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The Good Lobby

The Good Lobby is set to launch a series of impactful initiatives under "The Good Lobby Seminars" banner. Through a lineup of engaging webinars and publicly accessible toolkits, the organization aims to empower citizens, civil society, and partners to actively participate in shaping the upcoming EU policy cycle following the elections. These webinars, supplemented by educational materials shared across social media platforms, seek to raise awareness about the significance of the European Parliament elections and equip individuals with strategies to influence post-election EU policies.

Les Têtes de l'Art

Les Têtes de l'Art presents “L’Europe à la barre,” a mock trial that has gained recognition and effectiveness in the realm of French theater. This project is centered around using theater as a unique platform to engage audiences in conversations about Europe in unconventional ways. By employing "L’Europe à la barre," Les Têtes de l'Art aims to bridge the gap between European issues and audiences who may feel disconnected from such topics, particularly as the European elections draw near. Their primary targets include first-time voters and individuals with minimal interest in European affairs, with the goal of illustrating the relevance of these issues to various aspects of their daily lives. Additionally, the project seeks to amplify its impact through enhanced media coverage in targeted regions, empowering local associations and stakeholders to broaden discussions surrounding European issues.

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© Les Têtes de l'Art

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European Youth Parliament

The European Youth Parliament will organise “EYE Berlin”, which will bring together around 1,700 young people from all over Europe to collaboratively explore and experience Europe, and to engage with and empower each other. From the 18th to the 20th of April 2024 the program will showcase the diverse landscape of youth and civil society organizations across the continent, providing ample opportunities for networking and discussion. EYE Berlin will include workshops, debates, and trainings of different sizes, but also dedicated spaces for networking and cultural exchange activities. The event will culminate in the “EYE Berlin’s Youth ideas report”, that will be shared with the European Parliament and all local and European NGO partners to ensure that youth priorities are taken into account during and after the elections.

Our Rule of Law

Vote4OurRuleofLaw is dedicated to empowering young voters by emphasizing the impact of EU decisions on their lives. At the core of this mission is the Vote4OurRuleofLaw Fellowship, an initiative aimed at actively involving young Europeans in the European Parliament elections. With the goal of elevating turnout rates to levels akin to national elections, this fellowship program is strategically designed to engage and educate young voters. The fellowship aims to help first-time voters understand the EU's role and the importance of informed voting, creating a knowledgeable group of voters.

Logo of Our Rule of Law

© Our Rule of Law

Logo of Unhack Democracy

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Unhack Democracy

Unhack Democracy has initiated a project with the aim of safeguarding electoral integrity and combating voter apathy in Hungary. The primary objective of "Protecting Electoral Integrity and Countering Voter Apathy in Hungary at European Parliamentary and local elections and beyond," is to diminish the tolerance towards Election Day abuses within the Hungarian electorate. These abuses notably include instances of vote buying and coercion. Through this initiative, Unhack Democracy aims to raise awareness among voters regarding the irregularities often observed on Election Day. Moreover, the project seeks to educate citizens about the critical link between electoral integrity and the rule of law. By doing so, it aims to address the prevalent apathy among voters and empower them with knowledge on how to combat electoral fraud effectively, particularly during the European Parliamentary election period.

Palumba EU

Palumba, through its project, the "Voting Advice Application", is pioneering a tool tailored to empower young, first-time voters in the European Parliament elections. Developed by Associació Juvenil Palumba EU, this app will be accessible across the EU in local languages, providing users with easily digestible context for the debates unfolding within the Brussels bubble. The Voting Advice Application serves as a versatile tool, designed to support a myriad of campaigns aimed at activating young voters. Palumba is collaborating with numerous youth organizations and social media content creators to host activation events of various kinds, ensuring widespread engagement and participation. Through this initiative, Palumba seeks to elevate the voices of young citizens, enabling them to take center stage in shaping the future of European democracy.

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Logo of We Move Europe

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We Move Europe & OPEN

The project "Get Out the Vote" aims to strategically mobilize voters across Europe, with a primary focus on bolstering participation in the European Elections, particularly among the youth demographic. By leveraging the extensive network of civil society groups, the initiative endeavors to address pressing issues such as climate change while amplifying voices advocating for progressive change. The core strategy revolves around tailored messaging, coalition-building, and targeted outreach efforts. By customizing communication strategies to resonate with various communities, the project seeks to combat the rise of far-right ideologies and foster a more inclusive and sustainable vision for Europe. Through these concerted efforts, it aims to not only increase voter turnout but also promote civic engagement and democratic participation on a broader scale. Rooted in grassroots activism and digital innovation, the project pioneers a collaborative effort to shape the future of Europe.

European Without Borders & Cartooning for Peace

"Caricartoons" is an initiative dedicated to producing and broadcasting short videos created from press cartoons crafted by professional cartoonists. Spearheaded by European Without Borders in collaboration with Cartooning for Peace, 'Caricartoons' presents a blend of artistic expression and socio-political commentary. The project encompasses the “Around the European Elections” video campaign set for June 2024. “Caricartoons” showcases the talent of renowned press cartoonists from across Europe, all of whom are members of the “Cartooning For Peace” association. Through this approach, the project aims to engage audiences by transforming traditional press cartoons into dynamic and accessible video content.

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Deichtorhallen Hamburg

Deichtorhallen Hamburg introduces "The School of Survival," an integral part of the exhibition "Survival in the 21st Century," featuring over 40 international artists. This initiative serves as an experimental learning space, pioneering a prototype for a new institution that seamlessly integrates theory and practice to address the pressing challenges of our times. As part of the exhibition, running from May to November 2024, "The School of Survival" offers a platform for deeper reflection on contemporary issues. Through art, it provides unique insights and introspection, fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge and creativity intersect. Open to all and free of charge, the school prioritizes outreach to diverse communities, including school children, farming and fishing groups, culinary enthusiasts, academia, and marginalized populations within Hamburg.

Culture Action Europe

Culture Action Europe is set to integrate a group of Pop the Vote! changemakers into its regular activities through the "Changemaker Takeover: Malmö Edition" project, launching at the "Beyond the Obvious conference" from May 29th to June 1st, 2024, in Malmö, Sweden. Stemming from the "Pop the Vote! Culture on the Ballot" initiative, this project empowers young artists, art students, and cultural workers across 14 EU countries to mobilize for the European Parliament elections. Following an intensive one-week training in February, 44 young individuals will join Culture Action Europe's broader activities, actively participating in the conference to advance advocacy objectives, nurture intergenerational dialogue, and enrich learning experiences for attendees.

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Funding partners

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European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) was created in 1954 with the vision of a united Europe where citizens feel proudly European, a place where they can live, express themselves, work and dream freely, in diversity and harmony. Ever since ECF promotes a European sentiment through developing and supporting cultural initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe. We believe our mission is as urgent as it was back then as there are still many challenges which divide Europe, cause polarization and bring about inequality. Culture has an important role to play here, helping to bridge these gaps, bringing people together, opening new ways, finding and imagining possibilities. We are a committed, ambitious, diverse, open international foundation with a strong network and long-standing reputation, working in partnership with actors across Europe.

Evens Foundation

Operating at the intersection of arts, democracy, education, media, and science, the initiatives of the Evens Foundation explore innovative approaches to coexistence that acknowledge the diversity of human histories, cultures, and experiences. Established in 1990 by Irène Evens-Radzyminska and Georges Evens, the foundation was born out of their dedication to the European project, shaped by their firsthand experiences of the history of World War II in Poland. With offices in Antwerp, Paris, and Warsaw, the Evens Foundation is committed to fostering understanding and collaboration across Europe.

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