The Allianz Foundation is a European foundation. We understand Europe not only as a geographical or political entity. We see it as a global model for living together in diversity and solidarity, for a united effort against climate change – beyond national borders. Especially in times when these values are threatened by increasing authoritarian tendencies and other political upheavals, we need to constantly debate and defend the idea of Europe.

As Europeans, we bear a special responsibility regarding many issues. Our projects and partners are aware of this and stand up for justice – on a societal and ecological level. This is not least when it comes to issues of displacement and migration. For this reason, the Allianz Foundation's commitment does not stop at Europe’s external borders. Our dedication to solidarity and combating exclusion is put to the test on a daily basis, particularly in the Mediterranean region.

Together with our partners, we are committed to strengthening civil society wherever the space to act is restricted, where free speech or the rule of law is threatened. Our goal is to promote a transnational community that networks and supports each other in order to remain resilient and capable of action, especially in times of crisis.

Our projects aim to amplify new, critical international voices in national discourses. We want to create a space for the European public, where the diversity of our history and narratives can be experienced.