Allianz Foundation Hubs

Support civil society.

The Allianz Foundation Hubs aim to support pathbreaking organizations from civil society, arts & culture and climate action – across the entire European continent and the Mediterranean. 

Regional and local expertise become productive by bundling forces, resources and ideas. In order to meet the massive challenges of our times, new ways for exchange and cooperation are needed. And a common vision.

The Hubs provide ideas for shared initiatives that emerge from the diversity of different approaches and ways of thinking. They overcome the boundaries between countries, disciplines and movements. Researchers, activists and artists from different parts of Europe and the Mediterranean could develop innovative concepts reacting to pressing issues around climate change. Residencies with stations in several countries could be offered where risktakers are fighting for equal opportunities and against marginalization from their own national perspectives. These are only two examples of numerous possible forms of cooperation and mutual inspiration that can grow and deepen over the years.

We are striving for a network that is more than the sum of its parts. Through multi-year structural funding, each Hub is enabled to grow organically as an institution, to develop its own public program and to tend to its own regional network of partners and grassroots movements. At the same time, the Hubs cooperate across borders through staff exchanges, multilateral residencies, jointly funded projects and co-curated programs.

The Hubs create a pan-European ecosystem of knowledge, innovation and pioneering spirit. The program has a long-term and sustainable design. In this way, the Allianz Foundation reinforces its mission of contributing to the realization of a transnational European civil society that stands for openness, diversity, resilience and ecological awareness.

Streams of blue fabric by Hera Büyüktaşciya runs down a hill near Prizren

Autostrada Biennale: our Hub in Prizren.

Autostrada Biennale was founded as a non-governmental organization in Prizren, Kosovo. It plays a key role in understanding today's society through contemporary art, empowering local communities, and encouraging creative reflection on an inclusive and sustainable future. Here, they introduce themselves.

People are sitting around a cheese. One person sits in the middle and cuts the cheese. There is one dimmed light shining.

INLAND: our Hub in Spain

INLAND is a collaborative agency in Nothern Spain. It provides a platform for diverse actors engaged in agricultural, social, and cultural production and it questions the dynamics center-periphery so prevalent in the arts system. It also aims to strengthen the rural as space for change. Here, they introduce themselves.

A terrace in the nightime in Istanbul is bustling. In the back you see Istanbuls houses

Postane: our Hub in Istanbul.

Postane is a place in Galata, Istanbul, where people from social, ecological, and urban communities come together to collaboratively implement cultural projects. The team from Postane introduces the project here.

The site of the Hub pictured from above with many people standing in the courtyard

Recyclart: our Hub in Brussels

Recyclart: where art, social economy, and urban coexistence converge. Based in a former industrial site in the densely inhabited Molenbeek district of Brussels, the multidisciplinary arts center focuses on experimental, underground, and socially engaged forms of artistic expression. Here, they introduce themselves.

The artist Leila Bencharnia is playing at DJdesks in the nighttime and holds a scarve in her hands

Rizoma: our Hub in Palermo.

The Fondazione Studio Rizoma is an international center for independent cultural and social programs. It is dedicated to the development of the local ecosystem, with a focus on the city of Palermo. Here, they introduce themselves.

Your contact: Nino Klingler

Do you have any request regarding our hubs? Please contact Nino.

Nino works with the Allianz Foundation Hubs to build a future-oriented and diverse European solidarity network across the fields of art, civil engagement, and climate activism. He is also responsible for funding projects in the fields of fine arts and visual media.


Nino Klingler © Marcel Wogram