Risktakers Fellowship Call

+APPLICATION DEADLINE EXPIRED+ The fellowship aims to create spaces of hope and resilience while facing the complex crises of our time. It supports individuals who meet these crises by developing ideas for desirable futures – in the digital space and beyond. This Fellowship is a collaboration with SUPERRR LAB.

July 26, 2023

Logo of the Risktakers Fellowship  designed by Unicorn Studio

Risktakers Fellowship - Daring to shape new digital futures © Rainbow Unicorn Studio

Daring to shape new digital futures.


The Call.

The Risktakers Fellowship aims to create spaces of hope and resilience while facing the multiple and complex crises of our time. This is why it supports individuals who meet these crises by developing ideas for desirable futures – in the digital space and beyond. Be it through activism, artistic work or civil society engagement. We are looking for ideas and approaches for equitable, inclusive and sustainable digital futures – for example, prototypes, artworks, activist campaigns or digital tools.

Apply now as a fellow and help shape new narratives and knowledge practices. Let’s dare to dream of fair and inclusive futures because, as Gloria Steinem said, “dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.“

Why this Fellowship in the first place?

Digital technologies are designed and used in ways that benefit certain groups while excluding or even harming others. By reflecting the lived realities of our societies (for example, the gender gap in access to resources and the under-representation of those pushed to the margins), they uphold existing systems of power and reinforce inequalities.

The Risktakers Fellowship aims to create a space to rethink dominant systems and practices by imagining alternative approaches and new possibilities for desirable digital futures. It acknowledges and supports the work of people who dare to resist common – and often comfortable – narratives by drawing attention to social and structural grievances as well as offering possible solutions and exits. The Risktakers Fellowship sees desirable futures centering around care, equity and sustainability are possible if we dare to imagine and build them together.

The Risktakers Fellowship in a nutshell.

What can I expect from the fellowship?

A stipend of € 10,000, access to an additional budget of up to € 2,000 for fellowship-related costs, and a budget of € 500 for Community Flash Grants. Regular digital check-ins to connect, share and discuss fellows’ ideas and projects as they grow. Plus, a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners, artists and activists around Europe and beyond to support your endeavour.

Who can apply?

Individuals who are 18 years or older living in Europe, or the Mediterranean.

What is the timeline?

Call for applications is open from December 6th, 2022 until January 15th, 2023 11:59 PM CET. The fellowship starts in March 2023 and ends in October 2023 with a final gathering in Berlin.

How do I apply?

You can apply via a simple online form. Follow the link below, and check out the full FAQ on the Risktakers Fellowship website.

Logo Superrr Lab © Superrr Lab

This fellowship program is a collaboration between SUPERRR LAB and the Allianz Foundation.

SUPERRR LAB is a feminist organization and a network that works at the intersection between technology and society. The organization opposes the lack of perspectives in politics, research and technology, and develop alternative visions and projects with the goal of creating a more equitable future. More information.

Your contact: Alban Genty

You have questions about the Risktakers Fellowship? Please contact Alban.

Together with Feray Halil, Alban Genty develops formats for the Allianz Foundation Fellows Program and is responsible for the Risktakers Fellowship. He also works with funding projects in the field of European civil society dealing among others with issues of rule of law, independent journalism, and tech.


A portrait of Allianz Foundation project manager Alban Genty

Alban Genty © Marcel Wogram

Ein Foto von Maja Göpel

Our new fellow Maja Göpel: more courage for a future-oriented transformation

Foto von Idil Baydar wie sie mit einem Duden im Arm eine Grimasse schneidet.

Our new fellow Idil Baydar: shatter the integration nightmare

Makan Fofana

Our new fellow Makan Fofana: the mastermind of Turfurism

Different videos are displayed at a wall in a dark room

Radical Ecology: Supporting climate justice through creative practice

Portrait of Magid Magid

Magid Magid reflects on: Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023

Four women are sitting in a park on a blanket and are watching and learning while one of them is showing them how to spin.

Four months in Tarabya

Meet the Allianz Foundation Fellows 2023-2024