Meet the Allianz Foundation Fellows 2023-2024

In its Fellowship Program, Allianz Foundation supports inspiring risktakers addressing urgent challenges of our time in inventive and solution-oriented ways. Get to know our fellows here.

December 19, 2023

A man in a mass costume is standing on the street leaning at a wall

Fellows 2023 & 2024

Overcoming injustices: Our current Fellows

The Allianz Foundation Fellowship Program is aimed at people looking beyond the beaten path in the pursuit of new approaches to overcoming injustices. Whether in the context of their artistic work, their social engagement in civil society, their scholarly work – or at the intersection of these areas.

The Allianz Foundation usually funds the Fellows for a period of ten months. During their fellowship, they develop works of art, event formats, platforms, prototypes, new narratives and much more. The Fellows form a network across Europe that remains strong and grows beyond the support of individuals. Creative synergies emerge from the collaboration with other Allianz Foundation initiatives – like the Allianz Foundation Hubs.

The Fellows are partners with the Allianz Foundation in their efforts against nationalism and discrimination, for equal opportunities, open societies and an environment worth living in.

“My ultimate vision is to create a world where justice isn't just a word but a reality for all.”
Magid Magid
“When we play, others want to join - play gives us the much needed feeling that ‘we got this.’”
Yana Buhrer Tavanier about the concept of Playtivism as a tool for social change
“We should use art to reach people currently disaffected by current social systems”
Love Ssega

Your contact: Alban Genty

You have questions about our current Fellows? Please contact Alban.

Together with Feray Halil, Alban Genty develops formats for the Allianz Foundation Fellows Program and is also responsible for the Risktakers Fellowship. He also works with funding projects in the field of European civil society dealing among others with issues of rule of law, independent journalism, and tech.

A portrait of Allianz Foundation project manager Alban Genty

Alban Genty © Marcel Wogram