Eine Kreatur steht neben einer Person in weißer Kleidung. Die Person schaut die Kreatur an und lächelt. Sie stehen in einer Art Steppe.

© Maciek Pożoga

Abandon your autocrat.

For open societies. For generations.

Open, resilient societies thrive where people stand up for them with confidence and conviction. This is why the Allianz Foundation supports people and organizations from Europe and the Mediterranean in securing or creating spaces for free development. We support risktakers from civil society, from the arts and culture sector, and from local communities who fight for artistic freedom, freedom of expression, civil rights, fact-based journalism, or marginalized groups – and offer an example of solidarity in action.

In many places the possibilities for these thought leaders to act are currently being restricted. Growing economic, political and social rifts within societies and between states undermine cohesion in Europe. Increasing divisions threaten the European value system. The open society model is also increasingly under pressure from external actors. The challenges of our times – climate change, flight, migration, increasing nationalism and authoritarianism – require cross-border alliances and cooperation more than ever.

The Allianz Foundation is working together with like-minded actors to strengthen the diversity and solidarity of our societies – in the here and now, and for the coming generations.