Climate Cultures Call: Our Grantees

From eco-playwriting programs for Algerian students to building a climate justice network in Europe - Get to know our ten Climate Cultures grantees!

Pink Phone © Pixabay

Pink Phone © Pixabay

The Call

The Climate Cultures Call was a special call responding to urgent challenges at the interface of climate protection and social justice. We received a large number of inspiring project proposals from all over Europe and the Mediterranean that seek to build new alliances and inspire cultural change. The ten projects that stood out to us all contribute to a future shaped by a sustainable and equitable climate cultures. The project proposals will be realized over the course of the year. For more information about the call visit the Climate Cultures Call Website.

The Climate Cultures Grantees

Artistic Approaches on Ecological Repair

“Artistic Approaches on Ecological Repair” aims to provide a holistic approach and a new narrative about sustainability in the local community of Şirince, in the Izmir Province in Turkey. During the project residents and volunteers of Nesin Villages, artists and local actors will come together, discuss permaculture ethics and establish relationships among equals. The project consists of four major activities: building  an upcycle system, growing a garden based on permacultures, a piece of art related to the project and a dinner prepared with the harvests of the project. More Information.

<'COAST LINE(S) WANING': All for a couple of extra sunbeds>

It all started with a headline, “They destroyed the sand dunes on Makronissos beach and nobody will do anything about it”. And all for a couple of extra sunbeds on the Cypriot coast. COAST LINE(S) WANING is an artivisitc campaign across the entire island of Cyprus, addressing the loss of unique and valuable ecosystems to greed and social indifference. It strives for a future where tourism isn’t an excuse to destroy the environment but a reason to preserve it. More Information.

Ecology and Theater Junction

Ecology and Theater Junction stresses the importance of educating young children in Algiers, Algeria, on environmental matters and developing a caring culture for the climate. The way in which the program dynamically engages with children, parents, and communities will impact the students’ abilities to creatively advocate for a sustainable and inclusive future and address climate change. In that sense, it activates the potential of the young generation to drive change in their communities. It is a catalyst to change public policy and push public authorities to rethink the role of schools and reinvent educational methods in this new global reality.


The new live journalism show “JIVE Climate” celebrates its premiere in Berlin in autumn. On stage, journalists will present their solution-oriented stories for a more climate-friendly urban development. Stories will be interwoven by artistic interludes. Organizers are the research center CORRECTIV and the agency Slampions.

Klimaschutz braucht Vielstimmigkeit

In addition to the technological, economic, socio-political and security-related discussions, the climate crisis requires cultural change. With its wealth of expertise, the intercultural Climate-Alliance Germany will initiate relevant debates with activities in this field. The project aims to lobby politicians and umbrella organizations to gain a better understanding of the cultural aspects of climate protection. More Information.

Mountains of Literature Festival

The 9th edition of the Mountains of Literature Festival will take place from 7 to 16 July 2023 in Kłodzko Land, the southern, border part of the Lower Silesia. The Festival was founded in 2015 on the initiative of Olga Tokarczuk. The writer and Nobel Prize winner strives to create a unique cultural and social event whose main goals are: cultural and civic activation of residents, cultural and ecological education, fight for equal rights, freedom of speech, and diversity. The sustainable development of the region based on culture as well as ecological and social consciousness is another important goal. More Information.


REACT  (“Enhancing Albanian and Italian Youth to Support Disadvantaged Communities to become Climate Change Resilient through Art and Culture”) aims to enhance the resilience of communities affected by climate change by empowering young people through an international education program based on culture and art. The program will enable  fresh, youth-led activists to become agents of change in their communities. It will support disadvantaged communities such as the Roma minority in Albania and the Miglionico community in Italy in making positive changes to their way of life and mitigating the effects of climate change. The project will draw on the expertise and experience of the implementing organizations, IRCA and APS Giallo Sassi.

The Glaciers Caravan

The Glaciers Caravan is a journey at high altitude to witness how dramatically and rapidly our Alpine glaciers are shrinking due to climate change. It is an itinerant information and awareness-raising campaign taking place in the Alpine regions of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, run by Legambiente and Cipra. The project aims at establishing alliances for a new climate culture, adressing public administrators, local communities, economic operators, tourists, media and the general public. It will raise awareness on the effects caused by the climate crisis and promote the adoption of urgent individual and collective behaviors needed to effectively face climate change. More information.

The Material Dimension of Clouds

The “Nomade Pluriversity” is an artistic and pedagogical initiative, characterized by it’s non-institutional, rhizomatic, autonomous and nomadic structure. Its speculative work in progress aims to move from a “uni-versal” knowledge perspective to a “pluri-versal” sense and comprehension located at the crossroads of Art, Science, Technology and Society.  It responds to eco-social challenges by collectively creating cross-cutting, hybrid content, with a modular and decentralized structure, adaptable to various educational spaces and structured throughout a number of themes. The team is mainly composed of women, sexual dissidents and people with various migratory conditions that generate intersectional sensitivities. The project is based in Majorca, Barcelona, San Sebastián, Toulouse and Vienna. More information.

Towards Intersectional climate justice in Europe

This project - run by Systemic Justice – aims to build the power of Black, indigenous, and people of colour-led organizations working at the intersection of climate and racial, social, and economic justice. 
It connects BIPOC leaders in the European climate movement and amplifies their collective voices to ensure that Europe’s attempts to address the climate crisis will targes the many intersecting harms that BIPOC communities across the region are facing and resisting. More information.

Your contact: Feray Halil

Do you have questions regarding the Climate Cultures Call or our grantees? Please feel free to contact Feray Halil or Ruby Eshun.
Feray Halil heads the Allianz Foundation Fellows Program and, together with Alban Genty, develops formats that give risktakers space to promote their ideas. She works at the intersection between art, climate action, and social justice and is responsible for projects in the areas of performing arts, as well as displacement and migration.

feray.halil [at]


Feray Halil © Marcel Wogram

Your contact: Ruby Eshun

Do you have questions regarding the Climate Cultures Call or our grantees? Please feel free to contact Feray Halil or Ruby Eshun.
As a student trainee, Ruby Eshun assists the team with content and research in the Planet area, at the intersection between environmental and cultural topics.

ruby.eshun [at]

Ruby Eshun © Marcel Wogram

Ruby Eshun © Marcel Wogram