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Allianz Foundation Risktaker Pulse

First Research Report Out Now

In today’s age of perpetual instability and crisis, the views, visions and experiences of social movement leaders, artists and other risktakers can serve as a valuable resource for civil society. In order to share their first-hand knowledge, the Allianz Foundation Risktaker Pulse has captured insights from 59 risktakers in five European countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom

Risktakers see growing social polarization and structural discrimination against minorities as the major risks facing European societies. The ongoing climate crisis is expected to exacerbate these risks.  

The interviews were conducted between March and June 2022, a period that was marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The war has since dictated the focus of risktakers’ work. Most work tirelessly to help those in need – quickly and without red tape. Their experiences and lessons learned highlight the untapped potential of civic engagement in Europe.   

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Allianz Foundation Study

Real change requires real knowledge.

The Allianz Foundation Study series creates a new basis of data and insights for Europe’s risktakers in civil society, the cultural sector and politics. Our research findings help advance their committed work for equitable opportunities, open societies and climate justice. 

Our impact-oriented research is centered around a large-scale survey that is carried out in Europe every two years among Generation Y (people age 27 to 39) and Generation Z (ages 18 to 26).

Three questions are at the core of our work: 

In what kind of society do we want to live in the future? 

How do we fight climate change, societal divisions and social injustice? 

What risks are we willing to take to win this fight? 

Our research is informed by real-world expertise and needs – and is based upon the principles of good scholarly practice.  

Our findings do not only inform our own funding and programming. They also lay the groundwork for additional forms of participation. For example, a European workshops series across several countries in which social movement leaders, artists and other forward-thinkers develop scenarios for civic engagement, both locally and across national borders. This way, facts become insights, and insights get turned into actions.

Update Spring 2023: Future Labs Conducted

Between February 24 and March 15, 2023, the Allianz Foundation held seven Future Labs in seven European cities: Berlin, Athens, Istanbul, London, Palermo, Warsaw and the city of Prizren in Kosovo. The Future Labs are a place of networking, peer learning and exchange for #Risktakers from across Europe and the Mediterranean. The interactive workshops brought together 81 activists and civil society leaders from climate and social justice fields as well as artists and investigative journalists. More Information.

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Update Autumn 2022: Surveying more than 10,000 young adults across Europe

More than 10,000 young adults in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom have participated in a representative survey, commissioned by Allianz Foundation in late 2022. The research sets out to map, compare and contrast how young Europeans (ages 18 to 39) envision a future society and what they are willing to do – including the risks they are willing to take – to shape this future.

Building on the insights of major youth studies and civic engagement surveys, the five-country comparison provides new, actionable data for European civil society, the cultural sector and politics. The empirical fieldwork and analyses are conducted by the Sinus-Institut. A first set of findings will be available in early 2023 and a comprehensive study will be published in the fall of 2023. 

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Research Advisory Board

Impact-oriented research is not conducted in isolation. With our Research Advisory Board, we invite additional perspectives from civil society, the cultural sector, academia and the media into the design and dissemination of our studies.

Your contact: Head of Research Dr. Simon Morris-Lange

You have questions about our research? Please contact Simon.

Dr. Simon Morris-Lange develops and leads the research and knowledge-sharing activities at Allianz Foundation. He oversees the Allianz Foundation Study series which investigates how young Europeans envision a future society and what they are willing to do – including the risks they are willing to take – to shape this future


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