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Chief Executive Officer

Esra Kücük

Esra Kücük is Chief Executive Officer of the Allianz Foundation. Her work focuses on future-oriented issues in a changing society and is committed to issues such as cultural participation and social justice in times of transformation. Before the Allianz Foundation was established, she was CEO of the Allianz Umweltstiftung and Managing Director of the Allianz Kulturstiftung. Interested in a detailed CV and information on Esra Kücüks mandates? Have a look.

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer (ad interim)

Katharina E. Thomas

Together with Jürgen Maier, Katharina Thomas represents Esra Kücük as CEO while Esra is on parental leave. As COO, she promotes strategy processes and oversees the Foundation's grants program. She heads the finance and administration departments.

katharina.thomas [at]

Chief Executive Officer (ad interim)

Jürgen Maier

Together with Katharina Thomas, Jürgen Maier represents Esra Kücük as CEO while Esra is on parental leave (through May 2023). He is responsible for the organizational and process development of the two merged foundations in the newly formed Allianz Foundation. 

juergen.maier [at]

Program Managers

Student Trainee

Ruby Eshun

As a student trainee, Ruby Eshun assists the team with content and research in the Planet area, at the intersection between environmental and cultural topics.

ruby.eshun [at]

Project Manager

Alban Genty

Together with Feray Halil, Alban Genty develops formats for the Allianz Foundation Fellows Program, and is responsible for the Risktakers Fellowship. He also works with funding projects in the field of European civil society dealing among others with issues of rule of law, independent journalism, and tech.

alban.genty [at]

Program Manager

Feray Halil

Feray Halil heads the Allianz Foundation Fellows Program and, together with Alban Genty, develops formats that give risktakers space to promote their ideas. She works at the intersection between art, climate action, and social justice and is responsible for projects in the areas of performing arts, as well as displacement and migration.

feray.halil [at]


Mai-Linh Ho Dac

Mai-Linh Ho Dac supports the Board of Directors on topics that concern multiple areas of work. Within the teams she works on cultural and environmental issues as well as on the Allianz Foundation Study. As a trainee, her areas of responsibility change regularly.

mai-linh.hodac [at]

Program Manager

Nino Klingler

Nino Klingler works with the Allianz Foundation Hubs to build a future-oriented and diverse European solidarity network across the fields of art, civil engagement, and climate activism. He is also responsible for funding projects in the fields of fine arts and visual media.

nino.klingler [at]

Project Manager

Edona Kryeziu

As a project manager for discourse and fine arts, Edona Kryeziu shapes the focus of the Foundation’s discourse formats and oversees funding projects in the field of fine arts. She also provides support for the Allianz Foundation Hub’s network.

edona.kryeziu [at]

Head of Research

Dr. Simon Morris-Lange

Dr. Simon Morris-Lange develops and leads the research and knowledge-sharing activities at Allianz Foundation. He oversees the Allianz Foundation Study series which investigates how young Europeans envision a future society and what they are willing to do – including the risks they are willing to take – to shape this future.

simon.morris-lange [at]

Director, European Climate Hub

Dr. Anna Müller-Debus

Dr. Anna Müller-Debus heads the European Climate Hub, a joint initiative of the Allianz Foundation and the Climate Imperative Foundation. She promotes projects and initiatives in the context of the European Green Deal that show the way to a climate-neutral future.

anna.mueller-debus [at]

Program Manager, European Climate Hub

Alexander Reitzenstein

Alexander Reitzenstein manages the European Climate Hub, a joint initiative by Allianz Foundation and Climate Imperative Foundation. He facilitates the design and implementation of projects, initiatives, and campaigns which strengthen ambitious European climate policy. 

alexander.reitzenstein [at]

Project Manager

Peter Wilde

Peter Wilde is responsible for the Allianz Foundation Climate Award and primarily works at the intersection between biodiversity and climate action.

peter.wilde [at]

Project Manager

Katrin Winkler

Katrin Winkler develops and organizes the Allianz Foundation Summit, the Foundation's biennial international gathering and networking event. She also works with funding projects in the area of European civil society, especially where it intersects with the cultural field.

katrin.winkler [at]


Head of communications

Stefan Denig

Stefan Denig is responsible for the Allianz Foundation’s communications on all channels, whether online or offline, internally or externally.

stefan.denig [at]

Communications manager

Prokop Bowtromiuk

Prokop Bowtromiuk is in charge of the Allianz Foundation’s press work, online presence, and social media channels. He is also responsible for PR for the Allianz Foundation Fellowships as well as making sure that events and calls for proposals reach the public.

prokop.bowtromiuk [at]

Student Trainee

Merve Kartal

Merve Kartal works in the Communications Department and supports the foundation’s social media presence.

merve.kartal [at]

Administration & Finance

Assistant to the CEO

Heidrun Paape

Heidrun Paape is the point of contact between Allianz Foundation employees and the Board of Directors. As assistant to the Board, she is the contact person for inquiries addressed to the Board and coordinates all of the Board’s appointments.

heidrun.paape [at]

Administrative Assistant

Dennis Vogel

As part of the administration team, Dennis Vogel is responsible for the preparatory bookkeeping and assists the Foundation with office organization and all administrative processes.

dennis.vogel [at]

Finance and Controlling Manager

Silke Zakarneh

Silke Zakarneh supports the Foundation team in the areas of finance, controlling and grant management. She is the first point of contact for accounting and bookkeeping as well as for financial reporting on projects that are funded by the Foundation.

silke.zakarneh [at]