Talents for Tomorrow Traineeship: Diversifying Foundations for Europe

The Allianz Foundation in Berlin and the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam are collaborating on a new Traineeship program focused on promoting and diversifying philanthropy with a European purpose. Throughout the 8-month pilot program, the Trainees will gain hands-on experience in one of the two Foundations.

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Key Facts:

Contract Duration: 8 months, November 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
Application: Deadline expired
Location: On-site in either Amsterdam or Berlin

About the Traineeship:

The Allianz Foundation in Berlin and the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam are delighted to collaborate on a new Traineeship program focused on promoting and diversifying philanthropy with a European purpose. Throughout the 8-month pilot program, the Trainees will gain hands-on experience in one of the two Foundations that place Europe, its present challenges and future potential as well as its historical responsibilities, at the core of their work. Building on new insights and experiences that the future Trainees will bring to our teams, Allianz Foundation and ECF hope to foster a richer and more inclusive perspective within our public role as foundations.

Both foundations are committed to fostering a thriving workforce that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of each team member. The Traineeship program is an extension of our efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse philanthropic landscape that benefits from a wide range of perspectives. We intend to engage more actively with networks, organisations and individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) and explicitly invite young BIPOC professionals to apply for the program.

The trainees will spend eight months in either the Allianz Foundation or the European Cultural Foundation. Alongside their daily responsibilities, they will have the chance to pursue their own project with continuous support from the respective Foundation's staff. Throughout the Traineeship, frequent exchanges with the other Trainee, working visits and training modules will contribute to the European work experience. Mentors and experts from civil society and philanthropy will further contribute to increase theoretical knowledge about philanthropic practices and their role in promoting diversity and equity.

The Traineeship includes:

  • A designated point of contact in each organisation to ensure a smooth integration or transition.
  • Theoretical and practical training on philanthropy in Europe and project management.
  • Participation in supporting seminars and trainings, as well as work trip alongside the practical work at the foundations.
  • The opportunity to develop your own philanthropic project related to philanthropy in Europe.
  • Mentorship: Each Trainee will be paired with an external mentor from a related field. This mentor will support the Trainee throughout the year, providing guidance on personal and professional development and allowing room for self-reflection.
  • Attendance at relevant philanthropic events and meetings with grantees from civil society, the arts, and climate action across Europe.
  • Frequent opportunities for exchange and co-learning among the Trainees.
  • An opportunity to collaborate and thrive in two motivated international teams with partner networks in over 50 countries.
  • A gross salary of 2,100.00€ per month for the Trainee.


  • A proficient level of English. A good command of other languages is an asset.
  • Please note: For the trainee to be based in Berlin, a good command of German (B2) is required.
  • A master’s degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field.
  • Prior internships or work experience with a transnational dimension, in European affairs, or a related field.
  • Willingness to be based in different European cities and travel within Europe for training or work-related purposes.
  • Intercultural sensitivity and competencies for collaborating with diverse partners in pan-European projects, as well as a strong interest in European issues.
  • Understanding of intersectionality and its relevance as an analytical tool in philanthropy.

About the European Cultural Foundation

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) was created in 1954 with the vision of a united Europe where citizens feel proudly European, a place where they can live, express themselves, work and dream freely, in diversity and harmony. Ever since ECF promotes a European sentiment through developing and supporting cultural initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe. We believe our mission is as urgent as it was back then as there are still many challenges which divide Europe, cause polarization and bring about inequality. Culture has an important role to play here, helping to bridge these gaps, bringing people together, opening new ways, finding and imagining possibilities. We are a committed, ambitious, diverse, open international foundation with a strong network and long-standing reputation, working in partnership with actors across Europe.

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About us

Enabling better living conditions for future generations: That is our mission. The Allianz Foundation works with people and organizations committed to social justice, open societies and a livable planet. We are an independent, non-profit foundation that is both operational and grantmaking. We support and network risktakers who are testing new models of life and society. Our approach is holistic: cultural and artistic approaches, civic engagement and climate protection are pursued together. We operate in a Europe-wide network of partners and funding projects. Europe and the Mediterranean region are our basis and the center of our activities. We see Europe not only as a geographical or political entity, but as a model of solidarity across borders.