A Participatory Planet: Relational Paths Towards Environmental Justice

The events series ”A Participatory Planet” follows various paths that have led up to the environmental crisis, and explores collaborative solutions. This project, a partnership between the Allianz Foundation and the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, will premiere in Berlin on November 8.

A forest and a river. On the side stands a person and has blue silk in the hands. That looks like a second river.

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Seeking Paths. Towards Environmental Justice.

In many places, the debates over the environmental crisis go back and forth between anxiety about the climate and associated feelings of powerlessness, and the desire for to-down regulations. These debates often leave little space for collaborative or participatory solutions involving those affected. That is why the event series A Participatory Planet invites those who are already practicing and developing participatory forms of living on our planet. These practitioners underscore the connections between human and non-human life on the earth. A Participatory Planet explores the various paths that have led us to the environmental crisis and discusses collaborative solutions to address it. In this way, we also problematize the injustices connected with current approaches to solving the problem.

Questions of ecological (in)justice will be raised and we will question traditional relationships to the earth that are expressed in problematics practices such as monoculture, food scarcity, extractivism, and a throwaway mentality. The pursuit of solutions is at the heart of the series: what historical and contemporary practices can foster collective change toward environmental awareness? Can the exploration of new paths generate new ideas? How can the diversity of bodies, voices, and experiences be heard while dealing with the ways the consequences of the environmental crisis are felt and distributed differently across the planet?

Seeking collective paths.

A Participatory Planet aims to respond to these questions together with practitioners, artists, farmers, and thinkers who advocate for bottom-up solutions. Together with them, we will test methods of shared learning and collective action for environmental justice in events and workshops. Guests with a variety of biographies and disciplines will come together in unconventional constellations to explore the problems and opportunities of our times. While being based in Berlin, the series moves through four interconnected phases: 

  • Uncovering
  • Growing
  • Consuming
  • Discarding

Each phase will span a four-month period, expressed through public, scientific, educational, political and cultural events.

Mentorship program.

In addition to the events, a mentorship program for each phase will bring together local figures and collectives who are looking for innovative ways to deal with ecological crises. They work with mentors on ideas and interventions in workshop series, in labs, which will be presented later at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. This collaboration should help participants develop bottom-up methods of learning and action focused on worthwhile relationships with the planet. 
Mentors include

  • Anuscheh Amir-Khalili from Flamingo e.V.
  • Gülcan Nitsch from Yeşil Çember
  • Wolfgang Ehmke from Bürgerinitative Umweltschutz Lüchow-Danneberg
  • Theater educator and performance artist Laia Ribera Canenguez
  • Recycling artist Leeroy New
  • Dr. Josh Lepawsky, E-waste expert

Those interested can apply for Labs participation through an open call. More information on the application provess will follow soon.

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Your contact Edona Kryeziu

As a project manager for discourse and fine arts, Edona Kryeziu shapes the focus of the Foundation’s discourse format A Participatory Planet and oversees funding projects in the field of fine arts. She also provides support for the Allianz Foundation Hub’s network.