Allianz Foundation Grants Program

+APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR 2023 EXPIRED+ Allianz Foundation supports initiatives with civil society, ecological, cultural and artistic backgrounds. We place a special emphasis on projects working at the intersection of these areas and pursuing systematic change.

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+ The deadline for projects with a funding beginning on or after August 01, 2023 has expired. The application deadline for projects starting from August 2024 will be early 2024. Further information can be found here from the fall of 2023 +

The Grants Program

Enabling better living conditions for the next generations: this is our mission. The Allianz Foundation works with European partners who are committed to social justice, open societies, and maintaining a livable planet.

We support initiatives with civil society, ecological, cultural and artistic backgrounds. We place a special emphasis on projects working at the intersection of these areas and pursuing systematic change. We are active in all of Europe and the Mediterranean. The Allianz Foundation Board of Trustees decides on the allocation of funds, based on the recommendation of an expert jury.

Our goal is the transformation towards equitable, resilient societies and a climate-neutral future. To this end, we support projects in the range of €80,000 – 150,000 per year for a period of up to two years. In addition to the financial support, we also work together with our partners on a conceptional level: we accompany them throughout the duration of the entire project, communicate together on the project developments and network in order to learn from each other.

Interested? We are looking forward to your application – all information about the process and criteria can be found here. 

What we grant

We support non-profit partners and organizations in Europe who:

  • pursue a trans-local, interdisciplinary and impact-oriented approach
  • have a high conceptual, content and, if applicable, artistic standard 
  • enable sustainable networking of the actors and institutions involved
  • address and actively shape fair participation, intersectionality and inclusion 
  • work participatively and equally with cooperation partners and target groups and avoid power imbalances
  • empower young actors, young people and not predominantly established actors
  • use natural resources in an economic way and pursue sustainable formats and strategies
  • convince with bold ideas and surprising formats

How to apply?

The Application Process

Our application process is a two-stage process. In a first step, please submit a project outline (see download box) as early as possible. We will review your project outline and give you feedback. If the project meets our criteria and funding priorities, we will ask you to submit an application in the second step.

In principle, project outlines can be submitted throughout the year; but no later than 15 February (23:59h CET) for projects starting at the earliest on 1 August of the same year. We need this time to review the project outline and give you sufficient time to submit a full application before your project goes into jury selection and approval by our Board of Trustees. However, we encourage you to submit project outlines as early as possible.

Please submit your project outline by email to apply [at] (digital in PDF format, no scans). We ask you to use only the free Acrobat Reader to fill out the project outline. The program is available for download here.

We recommend that you carefully read our FAQs and the information on the areas of our work, and check whether your project meets our thematic priorities and criteria. We look forward to receiving your project outlines!

In a first step, the Allianz Foundation team reviews your project outline. If your project meets our thematic priorities and criteria, we will send you further documents for the complete application. Otherwise, you will receive a negative response.

In a second step, your application will be checked by the Foundation's team for formal completeness and correctness. Subsequently, it is evaluated by an expert jury according to the content criteria of our work. The jury selects the most convincing projects in its meeting. At its meeting in the summer, the Board of Trustees then approves the funding for the proposed projects.

The deadline for submitting project outlines is 15 February (23:59h CET). We aim to give feedback within two weeks. However, especially around the deadline of 15 February, our assessment may take longer. Please refrain from inquiries during this time.

If the project outline is approved, we will send you further documents for the complete application. Requested applications can be submitted until 30 April.  An application consists of a financial plan (template here) and a detailed project description including a schedule (max. 10 pages). The application should be submitted as a PDF document and should not exceed 10 MB in size. The financial plan must be submitted separately as an open Excel file. After receipt of the full proposal and the selection process of the expert jury, the Foundation's Board of Trustees usually meets at the end of June/beginning of July. Immediately afterwards we will inform you about their decision.

This is a self-positioning of the applicants, which helps us to classify and evaluate the projects. Firstly, we are interested in which of our three areas the applicants are locating their projects themselves – this provides us with helpful information to continuously review our work and, if necessary, adapt it. Secondly, we work in an impact-oriented manner. This means that we support projects that correspond to our mission and are focused on one or more of the three areas "For empowered people" - "For open societies" - "For a living planet". We are particularly interested in projects that work on one or more of the interfaces between the areas. This means that more than one field can be filled in.

Project outlines and application documents can generally be submitted in German or English. For reasons of processing, we cannot offer any other languages in our documents. If this is not possible for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Allianz Foundation supports projects and partners in Europe and the Mediterranean that work to improve the living conditions of the Next Generations. Projects that have an impact in these regions and partners for whom the strengthening of the European & Mediterranean civil society and cultural landscape is an essential part of their work are therefore eligible to apply. The implementation of the project and use of its funds must primarily take place in Europe and the Mediterranean. 
If you are unsure whether your project falls within our regional order, please contact us at:

We support projects in the range of 80,000 to a maximum of 150,000 EUR per year. In the selection process, we check the estimated expenses to see whether the requested amount allows for a realistic implementation of the project and criteria such as fair pay (compliance with the minimum wage).

The Allianz Foundation does not provide full financing for projects. This means that further own or third-party funds of at least 25% of the total cost of the project must be contributed. This can be your organization's own funds or other funds requested from third-party funding bodies. It is important that own contributions (i.e. non-monetary services) cannot be part of the cost and financing plan. Within the framework of the cost and financing plan, however, an administration fee of up to 10% can be requested.

Projects can have a maximum duration of two years from the start of the project.

The project must not have started before the announcement of the funding decision. This means that the earliest possible start of the project is 1 August in the year of submission of the application. No expenditure or material commitments must have been entered into before that date.

We make every effort to advise applicants in the best possible way on any questions after the project outline has been approved. The sooner an application reaches us before the deadlines, the more time we have to give guidance. We ask for your understanding that, especially in the last weeks before committee meetings, not all questions can be answered.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the application, please contact the contact person named in the e-mail. In case of a negative response to the application, we can provide feedback on request. For capacity reasons, advice at the project outline stage is unfortunately not possible or only possible to a very limited extent. In the event of a negative response tothe project outline, it is unfortunately not possible to give individual feedback for each applicant.

We welcome project ideas that pursue sustainable or climate-friendly approaches at various levels. This can be done in the project, for example, through regional exchanges without air travel, or by reusing materials in different places and in different contexts.

We also welcome climate-friendly and sustainable measures within the framework of the project budget and support, for example, additional costs for vegetarian, regional, seasonal catering; sustainable event concepts (e.g. support for travel by public transport), CO-2 compensation of air travel, etc. At the thematic level, too, we welcome a discussion of the social, cultural and political implications of climate change.

Within the framework of the funding program, no funding of individuals is possible. For individuals, the Allianz Foundation offers another funding opportunities through the Allianz Foundation Fellowship program. For more information, see fellows.

In principle, this is possible. However, in this case it must be explained in detail to what extent the requested project is strictly non-profit and that no commercial interests are pursed. The cost and financing plan must reflect this. Among other things, all subsidies may only be used directly for project-relevant expenses and may not be invested.

Follow-up funding is generally possible. However, applications for further funding of a project go through the same selection process and are subject to assessment by the expert jury.

  • Full financing of a project
  • Shortfall financing or budget gaps in the public sector as well as non-project-related costs
  • Individuals and individual assistance (travel or training costs)
  • Scholarships outside the Foundation's own programs (training/doctoral scholarships)
  • School and university activities
  • Publications not related to a funding project (e.g. printing cost subsidies)
  • Film productions (with the exception of project documentation)
  • Art or real estate purchases
  • Evaluation activities outside the Foundation's own programs
  • Building measures
  • Ongoing infrastructure costs or purchase of technical equipment
  • Charity events and charity galas
  • Sports and entertainment events
  • Commercial productions, events and sponsorship activities
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